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Below is a list of sellers who we have sold properties for. Feel free to call any or all of these sellers and ask them about their experience with the Ken Geyer Real Estate Auctioneers Inc. and Mark Akins

Selling real estate at auction is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime – since it is usually one of the biggest investments that you own (not to mention the mental attachment)!

Thank you! I have received the brochures and they are really the nicest ones that I have ever seen of the farm. I have had most realtors do their own in the past and they can’t compare to what you have done.
… Angela

Personal Residences

 Lisa Bogan  (610) 866-3152
 Curtis Jones  (610) 410-5855
 Gary & Pam Kerchner  (610) 3101862
 Keith Kershner  (610) 777-3949
 Teresa Mount  (610) 369-9410
 Randy Renninger, Executor  (610) 367-9035
 Estate of John Scott, Velma Executrix  (610) 323-1338
 Irene Trankle (Annette Ziegietowski)  (215) 679-5503
 Maryann Zenig, Executrix  (215) 277-9450

Commercial Properties

 Jim Snovel  (610) 539-8863

Investment Properties

 Brian Conrad  (610) 689-3863
 Don Dilanni  (610) 933-5900
 Frank McLaughlin  (484) 919-3534
 Raymond Newheimer  (610) 944-0773
 Howard Nyce  (215) 536-7112

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