Estate Auction


Preview: September 27th from 10AM-4PM

Location: 96 Old Airport Road, Douglassville, PA 19518

GPS Address: 1313 Old Airport Road - Near the intersection of 562 and Old Airport Road

Antiques, Collectibles, Tools, Trailers, Furniture, Household Items and More!


100's of Cobble Stones from Philadelphia

BMI Safari Motor Bike, Sterling Oak Ice Box

Singer Sewing Machine, Flexable Flyer Sleds

Old His & Hers Brooks Bikes, Cast Iron Cooking Kettle

Conestoga Wagon, Old Barn Lumber

Doors, Rough Cut Lumber

Church Pews, Conestoga Wagon Yokes

Window Sashes, Metal Storage Sheds NEW IN BOX

Old Shutters, Metal Spoked Rims

Household Goods, Display Cases

Show Cases, Aluminium scaffolding

Ice Cream Parlor Tables

New Building Materials, Antique Wicker Bird Cage

Antuque Cast Iron Light Poles from Philadelphia

Tel-hi-scoper Lift model 725

Butcher Block Table

Hand Tools, Outdoor Tools

Adriondack Tobagan

Dollys, Lawnmowers, Edgers

Floor Polishers, Metal Pig Trough

Husky Pressure Washer 115 psi

Fire Place Screens. 1954 Cadillac Coupe Deville front end car parts

Aluminium ladders, Old Cash Registers

Buccanier 12 outboard motor

Toddler Sled, Ammo Boxes

NEW Marcy Bodybar #2000 home gym

Old Barn Hinge Hardware, Licence Plate Collection

Tools, Aunt Jemima Flat Grill

Bandsaws, Planers

Large and small wood working tools

Air Compressors

Metal bins filled with hardware, locks, parts, etc.

Misc. Old Car Parts, WW2 gas cans

Slate Slabs, Tile Saw

4 storage trailers, Antique Hay Rake

Antique Plow, Mason Jars

Glass Bottom Boat, Pop Up Trailers

1949 Studebaker Truck

Camping Fishing Equiptments

Trailers full of... Household items, Antiques, Collectibles, Fireplace Irons

Copper mixing kettle....

Stored for over 40 years.

Owner was an electrical engineer , carpenter , hobbiest...

We wont know what we have until 2 days before the auction... 

The barn is packed. 


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Terms: 10% Buyer's Premium - cash, checks, charge cards accepted.

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