Manderbach Ford - Complete Liquidation of their former Reading PA Ford Dealership


Everything must be sold as Manderbach Ford has relocated to its brand new state of the art Dealership in Hamburg PA.


Previews/Inspection: Friday, April 12 from 10am - 4pm

Location: 4450 North 5th Street Highway Temple, PA

Pickup: Saturday April 13 and Sunday April 14 from 10am -  4pm

Global Finishing Systems downdraft paint booth with paint curing system (excellent condition)
Body shop equipment, paint gun cleaner, supply cabinets, floor jacks, jack stands, barrel fans, paint mixing equipment, sandblast cabinet, go-jacks, mig welders, refrigerant recovery machine, torches, vertical and horizontal air compressors, Coats Rim Clamp tire machine, spin balancer, workbenches, Gray bumper jacks, Modular Home, Sea Container and much much more – Entire Service Dept full of tools and equipment!
An amazing single seller auction of quality Automotive shop equipment – Everything will be sold regardless of price!

Online Only Auction - Bid Online at


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Auction is open to the public with live in person bidding only.

Terms: 10% Buyers Premium for Cash, 13% for Credit Card or Checks

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