Coins, Longaberger Baskets, Beer Signs & Collectibles Online

Online Bidding closes Saturday August 14th at 4:00pm

Silver Coins, proof sets, paper money, large collection of Longaberger baskets, Vintage Toys and action figures, Harley Davidson model motorcycles and collectibles, Comic books, Beer signs, neons and lights all from local estates, Over 1100 lots!

View the catalog and bid online at

Preview and Inspection: Saturday August 14th 10am-4pm

Location: 745 Swinehart Road Boyertown, PA 19512


24-1_400x300 30-2_400x300 31-2_400x300 41-1_400x300 43-2_400x300 46-1_400x300 49-1_400x300 51-1_400x300 64-3_400x300 71-2_400x300 77-2_400x300 79-2_400x300 80-1_400x300 84-2_400x300 95-1_400x300 96-5_400x300 100-3_400x300 116-1_400x300 124-3_400x300 127-1_400x300 130-2_400x300 136-2_400x300 144-2_400x300 148-1_400x300 149-2_400x300 155-2_400x300 172-2_400x300 173-2_400x300 183-1_400x300 184-2_400x300 188-2_400x300 187-1_400x300 191-2_400x300 194-3_400x300 208-2_400x300 214-1_400x300 218-1_400x300 220-1_400x300 222-1_400x300 234-1_400x300 246-3_400x300 253-1_400x300 262-1_400x300 267-1_400x300 279-6_400x300 287-1_400x300 288-1_400x300 302-2_400x300 305-2_400x300 311-1_400x300 328-1_400x300 330-1_400x300 340-2_400x300 343-2_400x300 347-2_400x300 363-2_400x300 369-1_400x300 373-1_400x300 373-3_400x300 381-1_400x300 387-1_400x300 392-2_400x300 392-3_400x300 408-2_400x300 416-2_400x300 428-1_400x300 433-3_400x300 438-1_400x300 448-2_400x300 456-3_400x300 457-3_400x300 460-1_400x300 466-1_400x300 484-1_400x300 486-1_400x300 496-3_400x300 503-2_400x300 505-1_400x300 518-2_400x300 527-1_400x300 526-2_400x300 530-2_400x300 531-2_400x300 537-1_400x300 541-2_400x300 542-1_400x300 554-3_400x300 569-1_400x300 571-2_400x300 576-3_400x300 579-2_400x300 582-1_400x300 583-3_400x300 609-1_400x300 615-2_400x300 616-2_400x300 619-1_400x300 622-1_400x300 622-2_400x300 627-2_400x300 631-2_400x300 632-1_400x300 636-2_400x300 640-1_400x300 641-2_400x300 645-1_400x300 644-3_400x300 648-2_400x300 650-1_400x300 654-1_400x300 670-1_400x300 671-2_400x300 680-1_400x300 686-1_400x300 699-1_400x300 702-1_400x300 703-2_400x300 712-2_400x300 723-1_400x300 724-2_400x300 736-2_400x300 739-1_400x300 742-2_400x300 745-1_400x300 752-2_400x300 756-3_400x300 757-2_400x300 768-1_400x300 770-2_400x300 778-1_400x300 781-1_400x300 782-2_400x300 797-1_400x300 803-2_400x300 810-2_400x300 816-1_400x300 820-2_400x300 819-2_400x300 833-2_400x300 840-2_400x300 848-1_400x300 850-2_400x300 864-1_400x300 865-1_400x300 866-1_400x300 869-1_400x300 874-1_400x300 891-1_400x300 896-1_400x300 900-2_400x300 904-2_400x300 907-1_400x300 907-2_400x300 908-2_400x300 920-1_400x300 921-1_400x300 921-3_400x300 924-2_400x300 928-1_400x300 929-2_400x300 931-1_400x300 938-2_400x300 954-1_400x300 961-1_400x300 969-1_400x300 973-1_400x300 1003-2_400x300 1007-1_400x300 1008-1_400x300 1016-2_400x300 1020-1_400x300 1030-1_400x300 1032-1_400x300 1035-2_400x300 1036-2_400x300 1041-1_400x300 1046-1_400x300 1055-1_400x300 1062-1_400x300 1064-2_400x300 1067-1_400x300 1084-1_400x300 1089-1_400x300 1103-2_400x300 1105-1_400x300 1105-2_400x300 1113-1_400x300 1115-1_400x300 1118-2_400x300 1124-1_400x300 1125-1_400x300 1122-1_400x300 1143-1_400x300 1145-1_400x300 1155-1_400x300 1160-2_400x300 1168-2_400x300 1170-2_400x300 1184-1_400x300 1194-1_400x300

COVID-19: Our online auctions continue to close at their scheduled times. Pickup dates will remain the same but we will allow extra time if needed due to virus concerns. Please call us at 484-239-3273 if you cannot pickup. We will follow the guidelines provided by the state of Pennsylvania for social distancing and wearing face masks.

Auction Terms - 13% Buyers Premium. All purchases will be charged to your credit card on file at the close of the auction. Please register with the credit card that you want you purchases charged to. 6% Sales tax will apply.

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