Coins, Longaberger Baskets, Beer Signs & Collectibles Online

Online Bidding closes Saturday August 14th at 4:00pm

Silver Coins, proof sets, paper money, large collection of Longaberger baskets, Vintage Toys and action figures, Harley Davidson model motorcycles and collectibles, Comic books, Beer signs, neons and lights all from local estates, Over 1100 lots!

View the catalog and bid online at

Preview and Inspection: Saturday August 14th 10am-4pm

Location: 745 Swinehart Road Boyertown, PA 19512


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COVID-19: Our online auctions continue to close at their scheduled times. Pickup dates will remain the same but we will allow extra time if needed due to virus concerns. Please call us at 484-239-3273 if you cannot pickup. We will follow the guidelines provided by the state of Pennsylvania for social distancing and wearing face masks.

Auction Terms - 13% Buyers Premium. All purchases will be charged to your credit card on file at the close of the auction. Please register with the credit card that you want you purchases charged to. 6% Sales tax will apply.

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