Coins, Longaberger Baskets, Beer Signs & Collectibles Online

Online Bidding closes Saturday August 14th at 4:00pm

Silver Coins, proof sets, paper money, large collection of Longaberger baskets, Vintage Toys and action figures, Harley Davidson model motorcycles and collectibles, Comic books, Beer signs, neons and lights all from local estates, Over 1100 lots!

View the catalog and bid online at

Preview and Inspection: Saturday August 14th 10am-4pm

Location: 745 Swinehart Road Boyertown, PA 19512


15-2_400x300 16-1_400x300 24-2_400x300 30-1_400x300 34-2_400x300 48-2_400x300 53-2_400x300 57-1_400x300 59-2_400x300 66-1_400x300 67-1_400x300 69-1_400x300 71-2_400x300 90-2_400x300 92-2_400x300 98-1_400x300 111-1_400x300 115-1_400x300 125-2_400x300 127-1_400x300 131-2_400x300 135-2_400x300 140-1_400x300 141-2_400x300 156-1_400x300 163-1_400x300 164-1_400x300 166-2_400x300 170-1_400x300 178-2_400x300 183-1_400x300 183-2_400x300 185-1_400x300 185-2_400x300 187-1_400x300 192-2_400x300 203-1_400x300 207-1_400x300 207-3_400x300 212-1_400x300 232-2_400x300 239-1_400x300 253-2_400x300 259-1_400x300 279-1_400x300 279-6_400x300 283-2_400x300 287-4_400x300 292-1_400x300 302-1_400x300 307-1_400x300 313-1_400x300 344-2_400x300 347-2_400x300 354-2_400x300 355-1_400x300 355-2_400x300 358-2_400x300 362-3_400x300 367-3_400x300 374-1_400x300 378-1_400x300 379-2_400x300 382-1_400x300 382-3_400x300 398-3_400x300 403-1_400x300 411-2_400x300 417-1_400x300 422-1_400x300 423-2_400x300 425-2_400x300 429-1_400x300 432-2_400x300 434-2_400x300 442-2_400x300 446-2_400x300 450-1_400x300 451-1_400x300 480-1_400x300 490-1_400x300 497-1_400x300 499-2_400x300 502-1_400x300 504-1_400x300 519-2_400x300 523-1_400x300 532-2_400x300 536-1_400x300 538-1_400x300 546-1_400x300 547-2_400x300 553-1_400x300 555-3_400x300 557-1_400x300 558-1_400x300 560-1_400x300 561-3_400x300 569-1_400x300 575-1_400x300 581-2_400x300 584-3_400x300 585-1_400x300 591-1_400x300 596-1_400x300 606-2_400x300 608-1_400x300 624-2_400x300 628-2_400x300 629-1_400x300 631-2_400x300 640-1_400x300 640-2_400x300 655-1_400x300 658-1_400x300 683-1_400x300 684-2_400x300 684-1_400x300 688-1_400x300 689-4_400x300 691-1_400x300 698-2_400x300 716-3_400x300 723-2_400x300 731-1_400x300 735-2_400x300 740-2_400x300 742-1_400x300 744-2_400x300 751-3_400x300 760-2_400x300 763-2_400x300 764-2_400x300 772-1_400x300 773-1_400x300 779-1_400x300 783-2_400x300 785-1_400x300 791-1_400x300 801-3_400x300 804-1_400x300 812-1_400x300 813-1_400x300 816-2_400x300 821-1_400x300 823-1_400x300 826-1_400x300 828-2_400x300 829-1_400x300 835-2_400x300 841-1_400x300 884-1_400x300 901-1_400x300 905-1_400x300 908-2_400x300 909-2_400x300 918-2_400x300 920-2_400x300 931-1_400x300 936-2_400x300 937-1_400x300 941-1_400x300 964-1_400x300 966-1_400x300 968-1_400x300 977-2_400x300 990-1_400x300 1004-2_400x300 1005-2_400x300 1006-2_400x300 1008-2_400x300 1016-1_400x300 1015-1_400x300 1025-2_400x300 1035-1_400x300 1035-2_400x300 1046-2_400x300 1050-1_400x300 1053-1_400x300 1060-1_400x300 1064-1_400x300 1065-1_400x300 1087-3_400x300 1092-1_400x300 1097-1_400x300 1098-1_400x300 1103-2_400x300 1107-2_400x300 1115-1_400x300 1119-2_400x300 1122-1_400x300 1130-1_400x300 1149-2_400x300 1152-2_400x300 1160-2_400x300 1171-1_400x300 1174-2_400x300 1175-2_400x300 1183-1_400x300 1193-1_400x300

COVID-19: Our online auctions continue to close at their scheduled times. Pickup dates will remain the same but we will allow extra time if needed due to virus concerns. Please call us at 484-239-3273 if you cannot pickup. We will follow the guidelines provided by the state of Pennsylvania for social distancing and wearing face masks.

Auction Terms - 13% Buyers Premium. All purchases will be charged to your credit card on file at the close of the auction. Please register with the credit card that you want you purchases charged to. 6% Sales tax will apply.

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