Montgomery Career & Technology School Surplus Equipment Auction

Online bidding closes Thursday August 4th at 4:00pm

View photos and bid online at

Commercial mowers, shop equipment, welders, carpentry shop tools, metal shop tools, Custom Built Tiny Home on Trailer
Commercial restaurant equipment, Vulcan ranges and ovens, commercial refrigerators, Lab-Volt training systems, cafeteria furniture and equipment, janitorial supplies, desks, tables, chairs, much more.

Previews & Inspections: Monday July 18th 11am-6pm and Thursday August 4th 12pm-4pm

Location: 77 Graterford Road, Royersford PA 19468

Custom Built Tiny Home on 2015 BWise Trailer
John Deere Z Track M665 Commercial Mower
Exmark Lazer Z Ultra Cut 72'' Commercial Mower
John Deere Z Track M665 Commercial Mower
Miller Deltaweld 302 CVDC Welding Power Source
Miller Cool Mate 3
Millermatic 130XP 115V Wire Welder
Clarke 130EN Mig Weld
Lincoln Electric Pro Cut 80 Plasma Cutting System
Miller 22A 24V Wire Feeder
Miller 22A 24V Wire Feeder
DeWalt 14'' Chop Saw
Miller Resistance Spot Welder
Dayton 6'' X 12'' Belt & Disc Sander
Dayton 6'' X 12'' Belt & Disc Sander
Miller Portable Welding Machine
DeWalt 14'' Chop Saw
DeWalt 8'' Bench Grinder
Greene Weld Tester
Shop Outfitters Metal Bender
Eco Line Sand Blaster
Dayton 52'' Foot Shear
Dayton 12 Gauge Floor Brake
JET Slip Roll With Floor Stand
Miller 22A 24V Wire Feeder
Miller Dialarc 250 ACDC Arc Welding Power Source
Miller Shop Mate 300 DX ARC Welder
Miller Regency 250 CVDC Arc Welding Power Source
Miller Portable Spot Welding Machine
Wilton 6'' Bench Vise
Dake Johnson VH-24 Vertical Band Saw
Snap-On parts washer

Pickup and removal: Saturday August 6th, Sunday August 7th and Monday August 8th 9am-2pm.



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Auction Terms: 13% Buyers Premium. All purchases will be charged to your credit card on file at the close of the auction

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