Tools and Fabrication Equipment LIVE Auction

Live Onsite Auction: Saturday, June 3  9:00am

Tools and Fabrication Equipment LIVE Auction

Estate of Joseph B. Jordan - longtime welder, fabricator and race car builder


Auction: Saturday, June 3, 9am

Preview: Friday, June 2, 11am – 5pm



In person bidding only - no online bidding for this sale

Location: 1713 County Line Rd; Bechtelsville, PA 19505


Bio: Joseph Jordan owned J&H welding for 60 years. Built stock car frames & trailers and was a race car fan. He loved working with his hand and with people. He collected and saved everything!! More bio information below….


Guns, silver coins, John Deere 850 4x4 tractor, farm implements, tools, hunting gear, military uniforms, stuffed Red Foxes. Approximately 200.00 face value of silver coins, dollars, halves, dimes, large cents, 5 cent coin and others. Riding mowers, Drive All lathe 220v, welding tables, clamps, welding rods and welders. Hundreds of tools of all kinds. (3) chain hoist, generators, hit mis motor, drill presses, old metal tools and hardware. Wood burning stoves and parts.


Guns & Ammo:

(4) 30/30 Winchester, Marlin

(4) 22 rifles, Winchester, Marlin, Springfield

Fox Arms double barrel 12g

20g shot gun

Remington 32 Caliber


Additional items:

Fordson Major tractor, plow blades, log splitter, used and vintage chain saws. Disston model DA211 90 HP Z-Man chain saw. 1995 Ford box truck, trailers, lawn vacs, chippers, air compressors, table grinder, manual tire changer, hand tools and lots more!! 70’s Arctic Cat snowmobile, wheels, hydraulic cylinders, rough cut lumber, beams and flooring, wood cutting tools and equipment. Antiques and collectibles including PA license plates, antique floor safe, Boyertown Body Works signs, McCreary Racing Tire sign, Racing collectibles, vintage hardware, hinges and doors. Galvanized tubs, metal kettles, antique metal fencing, Boyertown Centennial book and coin from 1966. Toy truck, car and farm equipment collection. Wooden and metal wagon wheels.


Auctioneer Note:

This will be a large sale with LOTS of smalls!! Two auctioneers. Food and parking will be available.


Continuation of bio:

Joseph (Joe) B. Jordan 1937-2022 (two days short of 85). Graduated from Boyertown High, class of ’55. Served in the US Army 1960-1962. Started J&H Welding in 1963. Built 187 stock car racing frames, trailers, racing rims/wheels, small jobs. Raced with friends at Daytona and Watkins Glen. Sold racing tires at Grandview and all the URC tracks on the East Coast. Worked hard, enjoyed a bourbon, good Prime Rib dinner and a daily Lager beer with friends or customers. He was raised on the farm, hunted in his younger years and wood cutting was a bobby. A historian and collector. A fiend to all. A long, good life!


Terms - 10% Buyers Premium. Payment in Cash, PA check or credit card




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Auction Terms: 10% Buyers Premium. Payment in Cash, PA check or credit card


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