Western Montgomery Votech Surplus Equipment Online Auction

Online bidding closes Wednesday, May 29th at 5:00pm 


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Preview and Inspection: Wednesday, May 29th 12pm-4pm

Location: 77 Graterford Road Royersford, PA 19468

Pickup and Removal: Thursday, May 30th 10am-6pm and Friday, May 31st 10am-3pm


Garage Equipment, Welding Equipment, Power Tools and More 


Hunter TCX625HD Heavy Duty Tire Changer and

Hunter Force Match HD Tire Balancer (like new)

(7) Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC Welders

Miller 24V Wire Feeder 22 A

Miller Deltaweld 302 Welder W/ Miller 70 Series 24V Wire Feeder

Miller Deltaweld 302 Welder W/ Miller 70 Series 24V Wire Feeder

Miller Gold Star 452 Welder

Miller Deltaweld 302 Welder

Miller Dialarc 250 AC/DC Welder

Miller Deltaweld 302 Welder

Lincoln Electric 4800 Torchmate C&C Plasma Table

Hunter Alignment Machine

1974 Hahn Fire Truck

2000lb Engine Crane

Hunter Alignment Machine

Hunter Alignment Tools

Alignment Plates

Garden Shed

Rigid Pipe Threader

Renegade Parts Washer

Clayton Brake Washer

Generac Guardian 10kW Generator

Large quantity of Dewalt Power Tools

Powermatic Wood Planer


Large Quantity of Air Purifiers and Filters

LabVolt Training systems and classroom equipment


Plus Shop Tools, Commercial and Industrial Supplies and more


View the Auction and register to bid on our NEW ONLINE BIDDING PLATFORM: geyerauctions.bidwrangler.com



198-1-Medium 198-2-Medium 199-1-Medium 201-1-Medium 200-1-Medium 201-4-Medium 207-1-Medium 204-1-Medium 204-2-Medium 205-1-Medium 206-2-Medium 206-1-Medium 207-2-Medium 210-3-Medium 210-2-Medium 210-1-Medium 210-4-Medium 213a-1-Medium 213a-4-Medium 214-1-Medium 216-1-Medium 214-6-Medium 214-2-Medium 213a-2-Medium 215-1-Medium 220-1-Medium 220-2-Medium 217-1-Medium 222-1-Medium 221-1-Medium 227-1-Medium 227-2-Medium 223-1-Medium 229-1-Medium 224-1-Medium 231-2-Medium 231-1-Medium 229-2-Medium 229-7-Medium 230-1-Medium 230-2-Medium 226-1-Medium 234-2-Medium 234-4-Medium 234-1-Medium 234-3-Medium 235-5-Medium 234-7-Medium 234-6-Medium 235-1-Medium 235-2-Medium 235-3-Medium 236-1-Medium 232-1-Medium 233-1-Medium 402-1-Medium 400-1-Medium 236-2-Medium 409-1-Medium 404-1-Medium 416-1-Medium 456-2-Medium 449-1-Medium 422-1-Medium 423-1-Medium 435-1-Medium 487-1-Medium 464-1-Medium 483-2-Medium 473-1-Medium 475-1-Medium 483-1-Medium 494-1-Medium 509-1-Medium 499-1-Medium 499-2-Medium 492-1-Medium 500-1-Medium 518-1-Medium 521-4-Medium 521-1-Medium 516-1-Medium 516-3-Medium 512-1-Medium 526-1-Medium 526-2-Medium 526-6-Medium 525-1-Medium 526-4-Medium 526-5-Medium 529-1-Medium 537-1-Medium 533-1-Medium 534-1-Medium 531-1-Medium 527-1-Medium 540-1-Medium 546-1-Medium 554-1-Medium 543-1-Medium 553-1-Medium 548-1-Medium 562-1-Medium 559-1-Medium 560-1-Medium 561-1-Medium 563-1-Medium 563-3-Medium 572-1-Medium 566-2-Medium 581-1-Medium 582-1-Medium 575-2-Medium 583-1-Medium 605-1-Medium 586-1-Medium 615-1-Medium 634-1-Medium 609-1-Medium 614-1-Medium 678-1-Medium 659-1-Medium 654-1-Medium 664-1-Medium 662-1-Medium 712-1-Medium 716-1-Medium 728-1-Medium 751-1-Medium 744-1-Medium 761-2-Medium 726-1-Medium 762-1-Medium 803-1-Medium

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