Barbara Akins is our Marketing Director. She has worked with the Auction Company for 20 years. During this time, she has won numerous advertising awards both at state and national levels. She continues to win advertising awards at the Pennsylvania Auctioneer Association’s Annual Advertising Contest.

Akins Marketing Creates:


The personal property will be exposed intensively over a short period of time.


Announcing that the personal property will be sold at a fixed date and time will stimulate participation by all interested parties.


The auction approach holds the potential for selling all of the personal property in one day. This avoids the time- consuming tedious negotiation process.


You will have the opportunity to review all plans and budgets. We will stay in close contact every step of the way.


Acceptance of our proposal gives you access to our professional marketing and management services. We take care of all details at every stage of the program.


Bringing together all interested parties will determine the true market value of your personal property!