Vintage Automotive & Collectibles Online Auction – Hatfield, PA

Online bidding closes Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:00pm


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Preview and Inspection: Wednesday, May 22nd 1pm-5pm

Location: 41 East Lincoln Avenue Hatfield, PA 19440

Pickup and Removal: Thursday, May 23rd 12pm-6pm 


Surplus items from the Hatfield Auto Museum



 2002 BMW 325 Ci Convertible

Seeburg Jukebox

Wurlitzer Jukebox

Rowe AMI Jukebox

Motorized Mini Bike

MTD 5/24 Gas Snowblower

Toro S-620 Electric Start Snowblower

Wheelchair/Scooter Vehicle Carrier

(3) Torch Tanks

1948 Ford Truck Flathead V8 & Transmission

1948-51 Ford/ Mercury Exhaust    Manifolds

1948-51 Ford/Mercury Engine Blocks

1948-51 Ford/Mercury Transmission Pan

1948-51 Mercury Flathead V8

2002 BMW 325 Ci Seats

1964-68 Mustang Hood

1964-68 Mustang Right Rear Fender

Ford Nash Passenger Door

Ford Nash Rear Hatch/Delivery Door

Ford Passenger Side Door Panel

Ford Driver Side Door Panel


Many more Vintage Auto parts – see website for details


View the Auction and register to bid on our NEW ONLINE BIDDING PLATFORM:




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