Trucks and Vehicles Online Auction – Philadelphia, PA

Online bidding closes Tuesday, June 4th at 6:00 pm

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Preview and Inspection: Tuesday, June 4th 12pm-4pm
Location: 532 W. Annsbury Street Philadelphia, PA 19140
Pickup and Removal: Wednesday, June 5th from 10am-4pm or by appointment within one week.

1939 Ford Antique Tow Truck
2005 F150 4x4 Pickup
1985 Mercedes 300 D turbo diesel
2001 Chevy 1500 high top express Van
2006 Ford F250 4x4 Diesel Crew cab Lariat
1993 Chevy 1500 pick up truck With liftgate
2015 Chevy Impala LT
2012 Ford focus SE
2010 Ford focus SES
2006 Ford F250 utility truck
2006 Ford freestar limited
2016 Jeep Cherokee latitude four-wheel-drive
1986 Ranger extended cab 2 Wheel Dr.
2012 Nissan Ultima 2.5 S
2011 Chevy equinox LT all-wheel-drive
2014 Jeep Cherokee latitude
1972 super beetle
1996 Chevy 3500 HD 9 foot utility
2009 Chevy Impala
2008 Lincoln MKZ
2002 F450 with Eagle body wrecker
2005 F150 extended cab truck 2 Wheel Dr. XL
2002 Ford Explorer XLT four-wheel-drive
1983 Mercedes 300 SD turbo diesel
1985 Mercedes 300 SD turbo diesel
2008 Jeep Wrangler unlimited 3.8 V6 auto
2004 Suzuki Forenza
2015 Ford transit high top 250 Diesel

View the Auction and register to bid on our NEW ONLINE BIDDING PLATFORM:



49-1-Small 49-4-Small 49-6-Small 49-5-Small 49-3-Small 49-8-Small 49-9-Small 49-10-Small 49-7-Small 49-11-Small 50-3-Small 50-6-Small 50-4-Small 50-5-Small 50-2-Small 50-7-Small 50-8-Small 50-10-Small 50-12-Small 50-9-Small 50-11-Small 50-13-Small 51-1-Small 51-2-Small 51-5-Small 51-4-Small 51-3-Small 51-6-Small 52-1-Small 51-8-Small 51-7-Small 52-3-Small 52-2-Small 52-4-Small 52-8-Small 52-6-Small 52-9-Small 52-5-Small 52-7-Small 53-1-Small 52-10-Small 53-5-Small 53-2-Small 53-3-Small 53-4-Small 53-9-Small 53-7-Small 53-11-Small 53-6-Small 53-8-Small 53-10-Small 54-3-Small 54-5-Small 54-4-Small 54-1-Small 53-12-Small 54-2-Small 55-1-Small 54-6-Small 54-8-Small 55-2-Small 54-7-Small 55-3-Small 55-8-Small 56-1-Small 55-6-Small 55-7-Small 55-4-Small 56-2-Small 56-6-Small 56-4-Small 56-5-Small 56-7-Small 56-3-Small 57-3-Small 57-4-Small 57-2-Small 57-1-Small 56-9-Small 56-8-Small 57-5-Small 57-6-Small 57-9-Small 57-8-Small 57-10-Small 57-7-Small 58-1-Small 58-3-Small 58-6-Small 58-5-Small 58-4-Small 58-2-Small 58-7-Small 59-1-Small 58-8-Small 58-10-Small 58-9-Small 59-2-Small 59-8-Small 59-3-Small 59-4-Small 59-6-Small 59-7-Small 60-1-Small 60-5-Small 60-3-Small 60-2-Small 60-4-Small 60-7-Small 60-8-Small 60-6-Small 60-10-Small 60-9-Small 61-1-Small 61-2-Small 61-4-Small 61-5-Small 61-6-Small 61-3-Small 61-8-Small 62-2-Small 62-4-Small 62-3-Small 61-9-Small 62-1-Small 62-7-Small 62-6-Small 62-8-Small 62-9-Small 62-5-Small 63-1-Small 63-4-Small 63-2-Small 63-6-Small 63-3-Small 63-5-Small 63-7-Small 63-9-Small 64-3-Small 63-8-Small 64-2-Small 64-1-Small 64-4-Small 64-6-Small 64-5-Small 64-7-Small 64-10-Small 64-8-Small 64-9-Small 64-11-Small 65-3-Small 65-4-Small 65-2-Small 65-1-Small 65-6-Small 65-8-Small 65-7-Small 66-2-Small 66-3-Small 66-1-Small 66-4-Small 66-5-Small 66-6-Small 67-3-Small 67-1-Small 67-2-Small 67-7-Small 67-4-Small 67-5-Small 67-6-Small 68-1-Small 68-6-Small 68-7-Small 68-2-Small 68-4-Small 68-5-Small 68-3-Small 69-2-Small 69-5-Small 69-1-Small 69-3-Small 69-4-Small 69-6-Small 69-7-Small 69-8-Small 69-9-Small 69-10-Small 69-11-Small 69-12-Small 70-1-Small 70-2-Small 70-4-Small 70-6-Small 70-3-Small 70-5-Small 70-7-Small 70-8-Small 71-1-Small 71-3-Small 71-4-Small 72-2-Small 71-8-Small 71-6-Small 72-1-Small 71-7-Small 71-5-Small 72-7-Small 72-4-Small 72-5-Small 72-8-Small 72-3-Small 72-6-Small 72-9-Small 73-4-Small 73-1-Small 73-5-Small 73-2-Small 73-3-Small 73-7-Small 73-6-Small 74-1-Small 73-9-Small 73-8-Small 73-10-Small 74-2-Small 74-3-Small 74-5-Small 74-4-Small 74-6-Small 74-7-Small 74-9-Small 74-8-Small 75-1-Small 75-3-Small 74-10-Small 75-2-Small 76-1-Small 75-6-Small 75-8-Small 75-7-Small 75-5-Small 75-4-Small 76-3-Small 76-2-Small 76-6-Small 76-5-Small 76-7-Small 76-4-Small 76-8-Small 76-9-Small

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